Zéro de conduite is een themaprogramma gewijd aan pop/cultuur op Radio Centraal in Antwerpen. Elke eerste zaterdag van de maand, van 6 tot 8 uur ’s avonds. Stem af op Radio Centraal 106.7 fm en verruim je geest. Waarom zou je hem blijven vernauwen? Het motto van deze show isThe caterpillar hood / Won’t cover the head of you / Know you should / Be home in bed.
Je kan dit programma via streaming beluisteren. (En hier vind je meer informatie over Radio Centraal en andere excentrieke en wispelturige collega’s radiomakers).

Mocht ik mij alle insecten uit mijn jeugd herinneren, en alle voorvallen die ermee verband houden, en die op papier zetten, met vanzelfsprekend heel wat zijsprongen en meanderende associaties, dan zou ik al gauw voldoende materiaal hebben voor een boek, bestaande uit meerdere delen; een boek dat vast een ware bestseller zou worden. Maar ik begin er niet aan. Ik ben liever een krekel en zing – niet bepaald toonvast – mee met de songs die ik hier heb verzameld. Overigens heb ik nu ik oud en nog steeds niet wijs ben niet veel meer over insecten te vertellen. Het zijn kleine diertjes die wel eens hinderlijk kunnen zijn, die me soms flink doen schrikken – en hun aantal is groot. Veel meer valt er wat mij betreft over insecten niet te melden. Ik ben Jean-Henri Fabre niet. Ik laat dan liever de insectenkenners Tom Waits en Kathleen Brennan aan het woord: hun song Army Ants is werkelijk subliem:

“The Whirligig Beetles are wary and fast with an organ to detect the ripples
The Arachnid Moths lay their eggs inside other insects along the borders of fields
Or roads in clusters of white cocoons
The Ribbed Pine Borer is a longhorn beetle
Their antennas are half the length of their body and they feed on dead red pine
Robber Flies, with their immobile heads, inject a paralyzing fluid into their prey
That they snatch from life in mid-air
The Snow Flea’s mode of locomotion, strange and odd
With a spiny tail mechanism with hooks and a protracted tube from the abdomen
To enable moisture absorption
The female Praying Mantis devours the male while they are mating.
The male sometimes continues copulating even after the female has bitten off his head
And part of his upper torso
Every night wasps bite into the stem of a plant, lock their mandibles into position
Stretch out at right angles to the stem and, with legs dangling, they fall asleep
If one places a minute amount of liquor on a scorpion
It will instantly go mad and sting itself to death
The Bombardier Beetle, when disturbed
Defends itself by emitting a series of explosions
Sometimes setting off four or five reports in succession
The noises sound like miniature popgun blasts
And are accompanied by a cloud of reddish-coloured, vile-smelling fluid
It is commonly known that ants keep slaves
Certain species, the so-called Sanguinary Ants in particular
Will raid the nests of other ant tribes and kill the queen and then kidnap many of the workers
The workers are brought back to the captor’s hive where they are coerced into performing menial tasks
And as we discussed last semester, the Army Ants will leave nothing but your bones
Perhaps you’ve encountered some of these insects in your communities
Displaying both their predatory and defense characteristics
While imbedded within the walls of flesh and passing for
What is most commonly recognized
As human.”

Daaraan kan ik geen gebenedijd woord meer toevoegen. Veel luisterplezier!

Bobbie Gentry

Bugs – Bobbie Gentry – Ode To Billie Joe – Bobbie Gentry

Junebug Waltz – Hurray For The Riff Raff – Hurray for the Riff Raff – Alynda Lee Segarra

The Bed Bug Song – Brownie – Soul Jazz Records Presents: Calypso: Musical Poetry In The Caribbean 1955-69 – Richards

Os Grilos (Crickets Sing For Anamaria) – Marcos Valle – The Bossa Nova Exciting Jazz Samba Rhythms, Vol. 2 – Marcos Valle/Paulo Sérgio Valle

My Cricket – Leon Russell – Carney – Leon Russell

Day Of The Locusts – Bob Dylan – New Morning – B. Dylan

A Worm Is At Work – Slapp Happy & Henry Cow – Desperate Straights – Blegvad/Moore

Diet Of Worms – This Heat – This Heat – This Heat

Hey Worm! – “Little” Jimmy Dickens – Early Rock ‘n’ Roll And Rockabilly – Allison

Fly Trouble – Hank Williams – I’m Satisfied With You – Biggs/ Rose/Wilds

Human Fly – Cramps – Off The Bone – The Cramps

The Spider And The Fly – The Rolling Stones – Out Of Our Heads [USA] – Mick Jagger/Keith Richards

Flyswatter – Eels – Daisies Of The Galaxy – E

Fly On The Wall – XTC – English Settlement – Colin Moulding

I Am the Fly – Wire – Chairs Missing – Lewis/Newman

Ant Man Bee – Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – Trout Mask Replica – Don Van Vliet

Army Ants – Tom Waits – Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards – Tom Waits – Kathleen Brennan

I Got Ants In My Pants – James Brown – Star Time – James Brown

The Caterpillar Crawl – The Strangers – Golden Age of American Rock & Roll – Vol 7 – Joel Hill/Ron Lynch

Caterpillars – The Handsome Family – Wilderness – Brett & Rennie Sparks

Mosquito Dance – Béla Bartók – 44 Duets For Violins On The Nyckelharpa – Béla Bartók

I’m Nature’s Mosquito – Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers – Home Of The Hits: The Best Of Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers – Jonathan Richman

Here Come The Fleas – White Noise – An Electric Storm – Vorhaus/McDonald

Maggots – Kendra Smith – Five Ways of Disappearing – Kendra Smith

Kendra Smith

Insecticide – Frank Tovey (Aka Fad Gadget) – The Fad Gadget Singles – Fad Gadget

Boris The Spider – The Who – A Quick One, While He’s Away – John Entwhistle

Black Widow Spider – Dr. John – Babylon – Dr. John Creaux

My Tiny Butterfly – Moondog – Moondog 2 – L. Hardin

Butterfly Dance – Kevin Ayers – Shooting At The Moon – Kevin Ayers

The Butterfly Collector – The Jam – The Jam Collection – Paul Weller

Butterfly Mornings – Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions – Bavarian Fruit Bread – Richard Gillis

Southern Butterfly – Tim Hardin – Bird On The Wire – Tim Hardin

Butterfly – Scott Walker – Scott 3 – S. Engel

Lady Bird – Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood  – Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood – Lee Hazlewood

Firefly – American Music Club – California – Mark Eitzel

Dragonfly – Shack – Waterpistol – Michael Head

Muzzle Of Bees – Wilco – A Ghost is Born – Wilco

Outro With Bees (Reprise) – Neko Case – Blacklisted – Neko Case

The Predatory Wasp Of The Palisades Is Out To Get Us! – Sufjan Stevens – Come On Feel The Illinoise! – Sufjan Stevens

Research & samenstelling: Martin Pulaski

Auteur: Martin Pulaski

Dichter, schrijver, blogger, DJ, sensitivist. Stadsleven, literatuur, muziek, film, kunsten. Radioprogramma ‘Zéro de conduite’ op Radio Centraal Antwerpen 106.7 fm en streaming.

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