Ben ik dit, was ik dit? Is dit een foto van mij, Martin Pualski?  Het is zo lang geleden, dat ik twijfel. Maar ik moet het wel geloven: men zegt mij dat ik er nog altijd wat op lijk, zij het onherroepelijk aangetast door de tijd, en er waren getuigen. Het is zeker geen zelfportret, ik weet niet meer wie hem heeft gemaakt. Luc V. misschien, een van mijn toenmalige beste vrienden. Het was ergens aan de Belgische kust in de zomer van 1968. Waarschijnlijk gaf ik instructies over hoe de foto moest worden gemaakt, want een kleine dictator was ik wel. Niets voor niets wilde ik regisseur worden. En het acteren zat me in het bloed. Het fototoestel was van mij. Ik had het van mijn vader gekregen, die het na de oorlog in Duitsland had aangeschaft, in ruil voor wat koffie. Het was een goed toestel met een lens van Zeiss. Little Hitler? Nu ben ik niet zo tiranniek meer natuurlijk.Nu ben ik volgzaam: ik doe wat de mensen me zeggen wat ik moet doen. Ik wil nu ‘nice’ zijn, een vriendelijke man. Maar slaag ik daarin?

Op 28 juni 2005 plaatste ik deze foto op flickr, met als titel ‘1968 on the beach‘. Deze morgen bij het ontbijt zat ik te denken, ooit zal er geen flickr meer zijn, ooit zal ik er niet meer zijn. Het is tenslotte Allerzielen, een dag waarop je zulke dingen denkt. Ik vond het erg dat de mooie commentaren van zoveel mensen die er inmiddels bij geplaatst zijn zouden moeten verdwijnen. Daarom onttrek ik ze hier even aan de vergetelheid, ook al zal Hoochiekoochie evenmin eeuwig blijven bestaan.

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Hellophotokitty (76 months ago)

I love this photo so much!

Martin Pulaski (76 months ago)

Thank you. That was a glorious day. I didn’t realize it wouldn’t be forever this way. I would stay forever young. But no, I did not. Or did I? This morning, taking the metro to work, I heard Dan Stuart (Green On Red) singing: “Time ain’t nothing, when your’re young at heart.” I hope that’s true.

ATENCION: (76 months ago)


I can´t believe this picture! It´s so unique and the first look magical feeling doesn´t go away. The more I see it, the more i feel it.

@Kitty..I´m double happy cause you like it too!

This whole set is amazing, Martin Pulaski.

Martin Pulaski (76 months ago)

Thank you very much, Attencion. You seem to like this very much. This picture could also be called ‘innocence’. It’s a pity I don’t have that camera anymore.

* Sontheimer Pictures * (75 months ago)


Martin Pulaski (75 months ago)

I’m so glad you like this, because I was so happy then. When you are in the moment, you are the moment, and nothing else matters. But why explain? Love is everywhere.

Martin Pulaski (75 months ago)

Once more I want to thank everybody who likes this photo. I wish I could return with you, dear flickr friends, to that place and that time. That absolutely fabulous moment in 1968. I wish that there would be love everywhere, right now.

Rockmother (75 months ago)

This photo completely and magically encapsulates that endless thrill you feel all the time when you are young. That ultimate feeling of being here and now forever. A warm completeness. I still feel that especially when I hear a particular track of music and then I too yearn so very much to return to those warm and golden days just to taste it all once more.

Martin Pulaski (75 months ago)

Just for a thrill… Yes, rockmother, you describe exactly what I feel about those times, and about feeling young and innocent and full of plans and ideas. Music brings back those memories, but other things can also do the trick, like, for instance, the smell of autumn leaves. Proust wrote about these things.

Martin Pulaski (74 months ago)

Thanks to Karen Gregory.

Rockyradio (74 months ago)

Aah, I’ve been feeling a little world weary as of late and these photos give me a much needed LIFT. I picture myself about 14 with my David Bowie Spiders from Mars haircut, long red satin Jagger scarf, and big platform shoes. And always always, music running through everythiing. And the Scorsese Dylan bio was great.

Martin Pulaski (74 months ago)

I think I know what you feel, Rocky. I don’t really like autumn that much, and fear the dark days that are coming. Clouds, rain, no sunshine, no beautiful girls in the streets…

I’ve been into David Bowie too. I like Hunky Dory a lot, but also Low, Heroes, and Lodger. Some days ago I put on Let’s Dance and got all excited about it. But I don’t dig Bowie as a person anymore.

Bob Dylan will always be a *hero*, a genius, and someone who changed my life. No Direction Home was great. I wrote about that documentary (and about Masked and Anonymous) on my weblog. I’m so sorry you can’t read it, as it is in Dutch. And I have no time to translate it. At this moment (2.20 pm) I’d like to sleep a bit, but I have to work.

All the best to you.

Martin Pulaski (74 months ago)

@Annukka, that was me, or I think it was me, a long time ago & I don’t think I made this photo myself. Probably I gave some instructions, as I remember I was a little Hitler, so to speak. I’m not like that anymore. Now I do what people tell me to do. My freedom is in my mind. I don’t have to be the commander in chief. I just want to be nice and friendly. But do I succeed?

Rockyradio (74 months ago)

M. I agree with you. Loved the same Bowie too…need to pull out my old vinyl and play some of the songs that I liked that were more obscure. The Eno collaborations were brilliant I thought…

Wish I could read your weblog (wish I could read Dutch). Bob Dylan is a genius, and the documentary was extradordinary. As I write this, I’m hearing “Not Dark Yet” in my head. Wish I could hang around all day and listen to music but it’s off to work again. TGIF as they say.

Martin Pulaski (74 months ago)

I’m a happy guy, I don’t have to work today. Anyway, it’s almost 5 pm here in Brussels, time for the weekend to start.

I’ve been listening to music all day. A lot of Bob Dylan. I’m going to his concert here in Brussels on 1 november.

Yes, I think Eno played an important role then. I bought his new cd and I like it a lot. It’s peaceful and it eases your mind.

Maybe I’ll start a weblog in English, but will I find the time?

Martin Pulaski (73 months ago)

Thank you jnthnhys for your appreciation of this moment of euphoria.

JourneyToNoWhere (73 months ago)

wonderfull…more like in a dream world 🙂

Martin Pulaski (73 months ago)

Thank you JourneyToNoWhere. Yes, youth is always some kind of dream world. Isn’t it?

ATENCION: (73 months ago)

Hey, Martin.

Have a great time in your Dylan Concert tomorrow!! You are very lucky!

Please share your experience afterwards!

Martin Pulaski (73 months ago)

Thank you MaX, I’m sure it will be great. Yes, I’m lucky. Dylan in Brussels on All Saint’s Day! But I’ll have to sleep a bit first, because I just returned from Andalucia. Such a wonderful region. It’s always an enriching experience to be there and to meet the people living there. They have so many stories to tell.

I’ll try to write something about the Dylan concert next wednesday.

Martin Pulaski (73 months ago)

Thank you mrdog

Decembre (73 months ago)

Don’t forget to post this interesting portrait and some other you love, in my beautiful pool


Maayana.net (72 months ago)

love it!

Martin Pulaski (72 months ago)

Thank you maayana.

Cookie*love (72 months ago)


Martin Pulaski (72 months ago)

Thank you mia mia.

Thank you too, cookie ‘love. You’re all so kind.

Martin Pulaski (72 months ago)

Thank you LensENVY, suscipia and paperdreams for calling this a favourite.

Lazy_rider (71 months ago)

Great photo.

Martin Pulaski (70 months ago)

Thank you Lü, Gary, s- and s- and Aleksandar Dickov.

Thank you too, independentman.

Aga_d (70 months ago)

that photo is simply stunning!!!

Martin, you have lots of amazing pictures here!!! i will fave a few if you don;t mind 🙂

Mary Hockenbery (reddirtrose) (70 months ago)

so dreamy

Martin Pulaski (70 months ago)

aga, it’s very nice of you. thanks a lot for the nice comment. you too, reddirtrose. i think i was always dreaming then…

The life of liza (70 months ago)

There is so much hope in this photo.

Beltza Scene Vol.4 (69 months ago)

Saludos ;mods)))

Martin Pulaski (69 months ago)

thanks miss cleopatra, beltza scene vol two & the life of liza: yes i hope so. great expectations…

Martin Pulaski (68 months ago)

thanks beebs and miss priss.

Nicola Okin Frioli (68 months ago)

Very nice Shot..

Romantic atmosphere


Martin Pulaski (68 months ago)

Thanks Nicola Okin Frioli!

Shakti (66 months ago)

incredible! you’ve captured this feeling..so fleeting..wonderful

Martin Pulaski (66 months ago)

thanks shakti, you turn me on!

Shakti (66 months ago)

well thank you!

Independentman (66 months ago)

love everywhere, right now.

if only wishes could come true: “love everywhere, right now.” would be true.

i wonder if it is the age or the time that makes this picture so romantic.

has the world become too hard, and nuclear, and selfsish and capitalized for this image to be taken today. where can we go to recreate this moment? when will the wars in the end kill themselves and new newsman says, “the war is over”?

is everyone too far in debt to feel free? do they have to worry too much about getting their ipod wet to dance in the rain?

where is the mystery?

Martin Pulaski (66 months ago)

Independentman, thank you from the bottom of my heart for these wonderful words. i think the mystery is still here, in this world.

SPH (65 months ago)

This photo has a timeless quality

Martin Pulaski (65 months ago)

thank you SPH. i don’t want to sound blasé, but i think you’re right.

© PICMEUP (39 months ago)

Gosh! This one totally PERFECT! *a fave*

Martin Pulaski (39 months ago)

Thank you Picmeup.

Ndrgrnd (36 months ago | reply | delete)

Hola, soy el administrador de un grupo llamado Six Million Years of Tinkering y nos encantaría agregar esto al grupo. Really beautiful.

Martin Pulaski (Today 1.11.11)

Hartelijk bedankt, iedereen. Thank you ever so much.

Love is everywhere!





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  1. “Het is tenslotte Allerzielen, een dag waarop je zulke dingen denkt. ”
    Jouw Mechelse Cathecismus is ook niet meer wat hij was, Martin.
    Vandaag Allerheiligen, morgen Allerzielen.
    Misschien wordt het wel het ‘Vagevuur’ voor jou.
    Dàt kun je gelukkig afkopen met ‘aflaten’.
    Maar niet op de Beurs. Godzijdank.
    Dag Martin.


  2. Alle twijfel mogelijk. Een klein dier wordt een mens (vrouw of man), een mens wordt een dier. Om de zeven jaar begint het allemaal opnieuw. Ik zou niet graag het vel zien dat ik afgewassen en afgeschud heb.
    De jongen op de foto, dat ben ik niet. Maar de woorden van degenen die er iets over hebben geschreven, dat zijn die woorden. Ze behoren te blijven maar zullen dat helaas niet doen.


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